Approved Program Requests (2014-2015)

TheCannon Falls Education Foundation budget for funding programs is based on thefund-raising efforts from the previous year.  For the 2014-2015 schoolyear, our budget for creative and innovative projects is $58,587  


Inaddition to the budgeted programs, the Cannon Falls Education Foundationaccepts directed donations.  We're approached by community members,organization, and businesses with a donation for a specific project.  Whenthese projects meet our criteria of providing creative and innovativeexperiences for students in the Cannon Falls School District and have supportfrom the school staff, the donations are accepted and used to fund the project.


Theapproved projects listed below are funded from our annual programbudget and directed donations:

 Project      Grades  Amount    Notes
 Vertical Endeavors  3rd  $2,144      
 Schoology      K-12  $10,000  
 Discovery Education  Elem.   
 $5,005  2 year contract
 Hideaway Chairs      Preschool  $291.96  
 Adaptive Athletics  7th-12th  $686  
 "A Christmas Carol" Field Trip      7th      $902  
 Eagle Bluff-Field Trip      4th  $2,500  
 Apple USB Superdrive      4th  $337.72  
Youth Frontier Kindness Retreat
 5th  $2,175  
Drama Field Trip  High School drama class  $280  
Self Defense Course  9th and 10th grade girls  $2,000  
Phantom II Drone w/GoPro  K-12  $2,500  Insurance amount TBD
Recycling CFAS  6-12  $850  
 We the People Nat'l Finals                $5,000  
 Amity Institute      8-12      $3,751  
 Lego Robotics  4-5  $4,861.80  
 Fur Trade Presentation  6th      $400  
Creator 3D Printer    
 Lego Robotics    
 4th-5th  $2,379  
 Youth Frontiers-2015/16
 5th  $2,245  
Quaver Music Interactive
 Elem  $3,120  
TOTAL 2014-2015    $54,928.48